Prime Day – Get Started
Prime Day, time to get busy with these kitchen doors, they won't spray themselves. Megan is laying down a base coat ahead of spraying the top coats of paint.
Worktops – Replace or Repair?
Replace or repair your kitchen worktops? To begin, replacing is the most costly option. We are able to fix any chips or cracks before applying our architectural vinyl wraps from 3M.
Kitchen Respray Colours
The colour of your kitchen respray is going the be the biggest choice you need to make. A colour that matches your decor will transform the living space.
Preparing your kitchen for spraying
Would you believe it? It takes more time to mask your kitchen with tape and masking paper than it does to spray paint the kitchen carcass!
Kitchen Cabinet Spray Painting Near Me
Kitchen cabinet spray painting is the new trend for kitchens in 2024. You may be surprised how cost effective it can be to have the beautiful modern kitchen of your dreams, just add colour!