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When it becomes time to take the plunge and plan your kitchen makeover, you will probably have 101 questions on what to expect. Below are some examples. Please remember no kitchen makeover is the same. Each project is unique to you and your kitchen! Lets begin.

Initial Contact

Having sent in photos of your kitchen to our WhatsApp group we can discuss your requirements including the colour you will choose for your kitchen project. Our team are experienced in colour coordination so this is a good opportunity to explore how your new kitchen will fit with your existing decor.

colour consultation

Price will be one of the considerations when deciding to remodel your existing kitchen. With a complete kitchen refit you could be looking at prices reaching into the tens of thousands. We know each kitchen is unique to you and your home and have tried to be as transparant as possible. We will start with the size of your kitchen which should give you an idea of the cost.

small kitchen ideas

A small kitchen with 10-14 doors would cost you an estimated £650 upwards.

medium kitchen

If your kitchen is a little larger with between 15-20 doors the base price would begin at £900

Large kitchen example

A large kitchen can be classed as one with  more than 23 doors and  aditional island. From £1275

Confirm Booking

Once you are ready to proceed we book you into our diary. At this stage you will be advised of a 20% deposit and booking fee, 10% of which is non-refundable if you cancel on or after the 7th day of booking. All being in order the 20% will be collected on the first day on-site and is deducted from your final bill. You can also pay your deposit by bank transfer, ask for details.

time and deposit
Day One - Kitchen Makeover

Our team will arrive to removed your kitchen doors, drawers and hinges. You don;t need to do anything at this stage although the team are available to answer any lingering questions you may have. Sit back, have a brew. This part of the process takes 1-2 hours only.

kitchen cabinet doors adjustments
Day 2 and 3 - Kitchen Makeover

Your kitchen doors are in the process of being transformed at our workshop. Each door is professionally cleaned, degreased and sanded prior to painting. If you have opted for new handles the previous holes will have been filled. This goes for you're drawer fronts as well. Now would be a good time to clear your worktops and push back the contents of your cupboards, ahead of our return visit.

clean inside kitchen cupboards
Day Four - Kitchen Makeover

Having cleaned, sanded, primed and refinished your kitchen doors we return to complete the main carcass itself.

The fixed portions of your kitchen will be masked up including the floor and worktops. 

spray painting a kitchen

Your kitchen will get the same care and attention, sanded primed and two top coats for a professional finish.

Finishing Touches

As mentioned previously, each kitchen transformation is unique to you, we provide a fully bespoke respray service. You may have requested new handles, soft close hinges or even refinished countertops. These are some of the processes we complete at the end of the job so you are left with a brand new look kitchen for a fraction of the cost it would have been to replace, without the mess and delay.


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