Worktop Upgrade

Worktop Resurfacing
typical kitchen worktop

Architectural films allow you to replicate the appearance and finish of natural materials but at a fraction of the price. By wrapping existing surfaces, you can reduce waste going to landfills and avoid the disruption of traditional refurbishments by removing the need to rip out and start again.

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3M DI-NOC Finishes

These innovative finishes are designed to look and feel like natural materials, delivering the look you want, at the price you need.

Worktop Repairs

Easy to resurface and hide unsightly scratches, chips, water damage and pan burns. Even Water damaged kitchen countertops can be refinished to look like new.

Remodel, don't Replace

Renovation of your existing worktops with a range of styles and finishes to compliment your kitchen respray.

Granite or Quartz Countertop

Transform your kitchen instantly with quartz, woodgrain, or worktop overlays from 3M. It looks and feels like the real thing, without the costs associated with new worktops.

Wrapping Countertops

Worktop Resurface with 3M products
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